Fiber laser marking machine characteristics

April 15, 2021
Latest company news about Fiber laser marking machine characteristics

1. General characteristics of the machine:

Designed with elegant and compact size, it isay to use and move, to save space, using common cooling system. Fiber leakage, flexible use and easy to operate. No daily maintenance, no consumables parts and long lifetime.

The optical parts of this machine special for jewelry marking, such as barcode marking, data matrix marking, series number marking and anti-counterfeiting code marking etc….


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Advantages of our desktop transportation fiber laser marking machine:

1) High precision: Up to 0.0012mm, bring you the fantastic and satisfying, superior laser beam marking effect: The definition is 1 micron, 10 times as than of traditional products.

2) No consumables: A fiber marker can work for more than 10 years without any consumables, speed: 7000mm / second, it is 3 to 5 times above that of traditional products.

3) The laser beam fiber comes out of the fiber device directly, no need to adjust the optical laser path, low consumption:

4) Original JCZ controller, USB interface transmission, fast and stable, easy software operation, strong functions, high-quality scanning head, with good seal, able to prevent dust and water, small volume, compact and solid .

5) Raycus laser module long lifespan: 0.1-0.2 million hours (light pumping YAG: several hundred hours; semiconductor: 10,000 hours)


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