Do you know what are the advantages of choosing a visual positioning laser marking machine?

September 25, 2022
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UV laser marking machine uses a cold working process, called "photoresist" effect, "cold working" has high load energy (ultraviolet) photons can break chemical bonds in the material or the surrounding medium, therefore, the material is destroyed by a non-thermal process, the inner layer and nearby areas will not be heated or thermally deformed. The processed material has smooth edges, low carbonization, and reduced fineness and thermal shock to a very low level, which is a major leap in laser technology. Ultraviolet laser marking machines are currently used in the field of modern fine processing, due to the traditional laser marking The machine adopts laser thermal processing technology, and the development of precision is limited. In this context, UV laser marking machine has become the darling of the new era. Laser technology is an important scientific research technology in modern molecular structure. Ultraviolet laser is a powerful technical means to study various molecular structures, and has been widely used in marking applications in high-tech industries such as glass, crystal, and photovoltaics.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine has the incomparable advantages of other laser equipment in fine marking, fine cutting, etc., engraving and micro-processing of special materials. UV laser markers are durable and non-erasable. As long as the surface of the object is not severely damaged, the marking contents will not be damaged. While marking, the object itself will not be damaged due to non-contact marking.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts short-wave wavelength, and the focusing spot is small. It can effectively reduce the material deformation of the workpiece during processing, and the processing thermal shock is small. With the continuous maturity of UV laser technology, processing technology has been widely used and promoted. Currently, the mainstream marking materials for UV lasers on the market are plastics, glass, ceramics and metals.

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Visual positioning UV laser marking machine is suitable for: electronic product production lines, electro-acoustic devices, chargers, transformers, relays, connectors and other plastic products, auto parts, medical accessories, clothing zippers, small hardware parts, PCB/FPC circuits Plate, mold and other industries high-speed positioning and marking.

1 No need for fixtures and can be placed flat at will for precise positioning;
2 Add product templates in one minute, no need to worry about the variety of products, and it is convenient to adjust the machine;
3 The marking products can be placed at will, saving customers the cost of positioning the mold and the cost of positioning time;
4 The intelligent visual positioning system automatically batch processing, the production capacity is increased by 3~10 times;
5. The visual software algorithm automatically calculates the operating conditions at high speed without human operation error;
6 A single person can operate multiple devices at the same time, greatly improving the efficiency;
7 It can be matched with mechanical platforms such as assembly line, X/Y platform, and multi-station to realize automatic laser marking;