Correct Use of Laser Welding Machine for Stainless Steel Kettle

August 6, 2019

Riselaser summarizes five points for attention in the use of laser welding machine for stainless steel kettles.

1. Establish a special laser welding zone. Relevant person in charge is responsible for establishing special laser welding zone (separated from other working areas by similar devices such as protective fences) and setting up relevant signs such as "no approaching by idle and miscellaneous personnel" in the welding zone.

2. Please use this welding machine in the environment where the ambient temperature is 5 C-30 C and humidity is not more than 85%. The ambient temperature should not fluctuate too much. It is forbidden to use this welding machine in the following environments: (1) dusty and greasy environment. (2) The environment with vibration. (3) Corrosive environment. (4) High frequency noise environment.

3. Put the laser welding machine of stainless steel kettle in a horizontal and firm place, not in an inclined place. This welding machine uses 380V/100A (50-60Hz) AC three-phase power supply.

4. If the ambient temperature changes dramatically, water vapor will form on YAG laser rods and lenses, which will affect the use of welding machines. Therefore, as far as possible to prevent drastic changes in environmental temperature. If water vapor has been formed, the machine should be preheated for a period of time before it is used.

5. In humid environment. Air contains high concentrations of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxides (CO2, NOx or SOx). In winter, if the ambient temperature falls below 0, the water in the chiller and/or water tank will freeze and the water tank may freeze. Therefore, special care should be taken to ensure that the ambient temperature of the welding machine is not lower than 0 C in winter.

Above five points stainless steel kettle laser welding machine correct use way, achieved, the equipment is natural and durable, the effect is great!