CO2 Laser Marking Machine Application In Leather

January 12, 2024

The leather products that can be seen everywhere in our daily lives make our lives more diversified. For example, in some leather goods such as clothes, leather shoes, belts, watchbands, wallets, handicrafts, etc., we can see some exquisite patterns and words in these goods. Do you know how these exquisite designs are displayed on leather goods?

You must say that it is printed with traditional technology. Indeed, traditional technology can lead to beautiful patterns on leather goods, but do you know that laser marking machines can also do it and do it better?

Can the use of CO2 laser marking machines meet the basic needs of businesses? In a sense, it is certain that compared with traditional processing, the CO2 laser marking machine will not cause any damage to leather goods when marking patterns on leather goods. The carving speed is faster and the effect is more accurate. It can also easily complete the marking requirements for some strange patterns. Laser processing is a kind of processing form of thermal processing. Because the high-energy laser beam instantly completes the burning and carving of patterns on the leather surface, it is less affected by heat. Therefore, even a high-quality laser beam will not damage the leather goods. It just happens to form the required marking patterns on the surface of leather goods. In addition to the marks of exquisite patterns, it can also print various Chinese and English, symbols and other information.

In short, leather manufacturers can form permanent patterns, characters, merchants, and other marks on leather goods as long as they reasonably use the CO2 laser marking machine. The CO2 laser marking machine can not only help businesses mark beautiful patterns on leather goods but also help businesses save costs and increase economic benefits.

CO2 laser marking machine Features

1. The CO2 laser marking machine does not need any consumables in the process of use, saving unnecessary consumables costs.
2. Moreover, the equipment has at least 20000 hours of maintenance, saving the trouble of equipment failure maintenance.
3.CO2 laser marking machine has the performance of continuous operation for 24 hours, which can meet the requirements of assembly line processing for mass production of businesses.
4. The laser and galvanometer are imported original accessories to ensure the stability of the equipment and give customers greater trust.