Application Areas of UV Lasers

September 8, 2020
Latest company news about Application Areas of UV Lasers

Ultraviolet lasers are famous for their fine processing and become one of the mainstream lasers after fiber lasers. Ultraviolet lasers have the advantages that other lasers do not have. They can limit thermal stress, reduce damage to the workpiece and maintain the integrity of the workpiece during processing. At present, there are four main areas of UV laser application in enterprise processing: glass technology, cutting technology, ceramic technology, and plastic technology.


1. Glass craft: Glass marking can be applied to the packaging of glass bottles in various industries such as wine bottles, seasoning bottles, beverage bottles, etc. It can also be used in the manufacture of glass craft gifts and crystal marking.

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2. Laser cutting: UV laser equipment can be used in many fields in the production of flexible boards, including FPC profile cutting, contour cutting, drilling, cover film opening, soft and hard board uncovering and trimming, mobile phone cases Cutting, PCB shape cutting, etc.


3. Plastic marking: The application range includes most general plastics and some engineering plastics, such as PP, PE, PBT, PET, PA, ABS, POM, PS, PC, PUS, EVA, etc., and can also be used for plastic alloys such as; PC/ABS and other materials, the handwriting marked by laser is clear and bright, and black and white handwriting can be marked.

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4. Ceramic carving: the scope of application includes tableware ceramics, vase ceramics, building supplies, ceramic sanitary ware, tea set ceramics, etc. Ultraviolet laser has high peak value and small thermal effect. It has natural advantages for similar ceramic fragile products, such as etching, engraving, and cutting that are not easy to damage the device, and the process is precise, reducing resource waste.