Air cooling handheld laser welding machine

February 25, 2022
Latest company news about Air cooling handheld laser welding machine

Product Features
Compared with traditional gas and solid-state lasers, the fiber laser used in this system has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and superior beam quality, and the cost of fiber lasers is relatively low due to the low cost of glass fibers. Due to the coilability of the fiber, the structure of the fiber laser is compact; in addition, the connection between the devices is carried out by fiber splicing, the system is stable and reliable, adapts to various complex environments, and is maintenance-free. Another advantage of fiber export is that fiber lasers can easily be used for various multi-dimensional and arbitrary space processing applications, which reduces the difficulty of mechanical design.

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Main feature:
High electro-optical conversion efficiency
High output power and excellent beam quality
High power stability, high reliability, long life
All-fiber structure, compact structure, maintenance-free, low cost
Main application areas:
Industrial processing such as metal cutting, welding, etc.
Military defense, scientific research, etc.